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Should lawmakers give journalists the right to refuse to divulge their sources in court? Many states have laws to this effect governing their jurisdictions. Today there is no such law at the federal level. Should there be? At 11:00 today, the Heritage Foundation invites former radio talker and congressman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) as he makes the case in the affirmative. Event info here

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In "Bushies Feeling the Boss' Wrath" Thomas M. DeFrank, the New York Daily News Washington bureau chief portrays President Bush as "frustrated, sometimes angry, and even bitter" of late.

Just as he did a few weeks ago to the Village Voice, George Clooney appeared on NBC’s Today show Monday to promote his CBS-glorifying film "Good Night and Good Luck" and insisted "we double-sourced every, every single scene in the film happened and that was important to us." See my earlier item to see one example of an inaccurate scene.

Al Franken has a new book coming out soon. In a "comedy" skit for a promotional video at (scroll down a bit), Al Franken knees a self-described "right-wing jerk" in the groin. As the man keels over in pain, Franken then picks up a nearby stool and strikes the man with it. The man falls to the ground.

Four days after Keith Olbermann first suggested a parallel between the Clinton White House “in crisis” during the Lewinsky afffair and the Bush one now, on Monday night's Countdown he resurrected Clinton-era MSNBC video of the introduction of a “White House in Crisis” special.

     The way to the media’s heart is to take jabs at Wal-Mart – JibJabs, that is., the maker of several popular political videos, unleashed an assault on the nation’s biggest retailer that one CNN journalist called “priceless” and another called “hilarious.”

A presumptuous Bob Schieffer? A Freudian slip? Or merely a stumble? With pictures of Karl Rove, Lewis “Scooter” Libby and President Bush over a shot of the White House, the CBS Evening News anchor on Monday plugged an upcoming piece on the 6:30pm EDT feed: “Coming up, playing the waiting game. Indictments are soon to come in the CIA leak investigation.” Schieffer then backtracked, “or there's word they may.

Left-wing pundit Eric Alterman, in today's installment of his MSNBC blog, reports a conversation with Bill Clinton in which the 42nd President indicated yet again that he thinks the media are slighting or shortchanging him.

How easy is it to turn every issue into a PC propaganda tool for the purpose of setting gender against gender? The Today Show answers that question on a regular basis, and this morning was no exception.

JibJab animated attack on retailer finds a welcome audience on cable news.

Filing a report from the White House lawn shortly after 7:30 this morning on CBS's Early Show, White House correspondent Bill Plante described Vice President Cheney's chief-of-staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby as both high-profile and little-known:

The October 28, 2005 Print Edition of Entertainment Weekly features a column entitled "Good Witch? Narnia gets a double-edged endorsement." (Pg. 16)

Writing for EW, Michelle Kung notes that a religious endorsement by James Dobson's group "Focus on the Family" can hurt the upcoming movie Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, giving the group the introduction as being a "controversial conservative group led by Dr. James Dobson that's known for a staunch anti-gay marriage platform."

My colleague, NBC analyst Geoff Dickens, earlier noted the Today show ruminating on the 2000 casualty-benchmark which may soon be reached in Iraq. CBS's Early Show also featured a story on this theme in their first half-hour. Unlike the Today show, however, the casualty story was not linked with unrelated political stories like the Plame investigation, indeed, the Early Show treatment of that came in the next half hour.

After running down all the bad news for the Bush administration on the CIA leak case and front and Harriet Miers fronts Katie Couric and Tim Russert bagged on Bush for Iraq. Couric, completely ignoring the historic election in Iraq just one week ago, instead chose to highlight the expected 2000th death while Russert used Brent Scowcroft to pit father (George Sr.) against son (George W.)

The following is the conversation that took place during the 7:00am hour: