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The Washington Post tosses the fluff title: "Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record."

The vacation hysteria, remember, is something that Michael Moore was hyperventilating about in his "blockbuster" movie, where apparently all Bush does is vacation.

But at least the opening sentence doesn't get too preachy about it: "President Bush is getting the kind of break most Americans can only dream of -- nearly five weeks away from the office, loaded with vacation time."

On November 9, 1979/> a group of radical Islamic “college students” overran the American embassy in Iran/>/> and took 52 embassy personal and marines prisoner.  For 444 long days, Americans were held hostage against all i

Brent Baker is VP for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center, where he writes the daily CyberAlert e-mail report.

Media focus on end to a craze, but wheres the beef about how business responded with healthy lifestyle foods?

Much of the European media and some of the U.S. press are picking up on a story about nine babies buried in various places around a home in Germany.

CBS's The Early Show this week offered balance in its treatment of embryonic stem cell research in its two part series, "Two Faces of Hope," but came short of fully delivering. Monday's installment by Hattie Kauffman centered on Cody Unser, a paralyzed stem cell research advocate, with no critics allowed talking head time to cast doubt on the promise of embryonic stem cell research. Tuesday's mostly positive portrayal of frozen embryo adoption by correspondent Tracy Smith, however, featured a critic of embryo adoption, as well as Smith asking her story's subjects, J.J. and Tracy Jones, if they had allowed their adopted son to be used as a "political pawn" at a White House event they attended in May which encouraged embryo adoption.

On this morning's Today show both Katie Couric and Andrea Mitchell took swipes at John Bolton. First at 7:04 am Andrea Mitchell aired footage of John Bolton getting booed as he got out of his car: "Well today is John Bolton's first full day on the job as UN ambassador. His challenge there will be to shake up the organization, as the President wants, without alienating anyone who can help him get the job done.

David Shaw, a well-regarded media reporter for the Los Angeles Times, died yesterday at 62 from a brain tumor. As Bill Powers of National Journal just explained,  Shaw's 1990 series on media coverage of abortion was remarkable in its candor and according to Powers, influential across the media. (I'm not too sure about that, although the media did largely drop "pro-choice" in that era and switch to "abortion rights" lingo. But is the media less biased on abortion?

Okay, so they call it a “Newsview,” which is, I guess, the AP’s way of sliming the administration under its supposedly unbiased banner and not being called on it. Sorry Tom Raum, you’re over the line on this one fella.

Ten years ago, Connie Chung, then of CBS News, tricked then-Speaker Newt Gingrich's mother, Kathleen Gingrich, into revealing the 5-letter epithet that her son called Hillary Clinton, by assuring Mrs. Gingrich that the disclosure was "just between you and me."

FairTax would free markets, individuals from income tax.

Romenesko today posted a link to a SmarterMoney/Esquire "What I've Learned" first-hand recounting of thoughts from Dan Rather, such as this insight: "You trust your mother.

MSNBC and the Big Picture

In an effort to make the upcoming Senate vote on tort reform for firearms manufacturers appear as nothing more than a squabble between political parties, MSNBC ran an AP story on July 26 leading with:

The Associated Press, for years considered by many to be an ‘objective’ source for news, has been out of the partisan closet most noticeably since the onset of the War on Terror. The leftward tilt of their coverage is made more maddening since they are ubiquitous; appearing in both news giants like USA Today and your own small-town paper.

Evening News does positive story about private businesses in the space race.