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ABC White House Correspondent and head of the White House Correspondents’ Association Jonathan Karl joined the hosts of The View on Tuesday’s show to answer complaints the ladies had about how President Trump treats the press. While the hosts lavished praise on the reporter whom Trump called “third rate” yesterday, one host even demanded Karl lead a rebellion in the briefing room when the press corps did not get the answers they wanted from the President.

Just a week after conservative outlet One America News was kicked out of the press room for “violating social-distancing” rules, Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based Chinese language news network, somehow had a reporter there. She got to knock out some ChiCom talking points in a “question” for President Trump. 

During an interview with likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden, conducted on Monday and aired Tuesday morning on NBC’s 3rd Hour Today show, co-host Craig Melvin teed up the 2020 presidential candidate to criticize the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Missing from the softball exchange was any mention of Biden attacking the President’s China travel ban in January that has been credited with slowing the spread.

Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni is done with the Trump administration’s pandemic response efforts. The man famous for playing NYC police officer Elliot Stabler has been lighting up social media with his insults towards the President, because of course it’s one of the few methods that help society through a time of crisis.

Former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly mocked CNN’s objectivity after the network’s Don Lemon declared himself a modern-day Howard Beale who is “mad as hell” at Donald Trump. On Monday night, Lemon lashed out, referencing the 1976 film Oscar-winning film Network: “I feel like Howard Beale. Americans are mad as hell.... How much more can Americans take?” Lemon then continued the debunked notion that Trump has called the coronavirus a hoax (he hasn’t): “First, it's a hoax. And then ‘All along I knew it was serious, I knew it was a pandemic.’ How much more -- how many people have to die?”

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough suggests, and John Heilemann emphatically agrees, that by criticizing vote-by-mail, President Trump is establishing a basis to refuse to accept the results of the election should he lose in November.  Heilemann says: "If he loses the election, he will stand up and say, this election was rife with fraud. We had way too much vote by mail. I do not accept the results of the election."

Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s The Lead and State of the Union, had to respond to serious scrutiny about his journalistic credibility and judgment Tuesday morning after this author and others called him out for retweeting an unsubstantiated allegation that President Trump was “100% insane.” In his weak defense, Tapper played the dishonest “RTs do not nec. = agreement” card. The retweet had since been deleted and reposted as a quote-tweet with commentary.

As President Trump battled with several reporters during Monday’s press conference on COVID-19, one of the exchanges that set the media into a frenzy was when Trump questioned if a reporter from a Hong Kong based media outlet worked for China. Turns out, she did. That didn’t stop reporters like CNN’s John Harwood from becoming enraged at how “authoritarian” Trump had “lashed out” at this reporter’s “legitimate criticism.”

The Economist and The Financial Times Editorial Board both published liberal spin advocating for policies straight out of the socialist handbook. It’s as if the eco-extremists in the liberal media bleating about climate change in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t bad enough.


Just as CBS did last night, ABC spent Tuesday morning ripping President Trump for expressing hope about a promising drug shown to help patients fighting COVID-19. Despite Hydroxychloroquine being approved for coronavirus patients in New York hospitals and being prescribed by doctors across the country for treating certain autoimmune diseases, the naysayers at Good Morning America warned Trump was promoting a drug that could kill you. At the same time, GMA correspondent Kaylee Hartung ironically cheered on Democrats expressing hope about the very same drug in treating coronavirus.

Could 1984-esque conditions really be heralded by the same Big Tech company that brought us cheerful Google doodles? If Google’s totalitarian monitoring of people’s locations amidst lockdown weren’t disturbing enough, now students are apparently suing the Big Tech company for collecting their facial and voice data. “[T]wo Illinois children have filed a lawsuit alleging that the multinational technology company is collecting biometric data, including face scans, of millions of students,” The Christian Post reported April 5.

Enraged actors and late night talk show hosts blew a gasket these past few weeks as they charged “hundreds of thousands” of lives will be lost thanks to the “evil” and “despicable” Donald Trump valuing the Dow Jones over “saving lives.” The following are just the most recent examples of celebrities viciously attacking Trump during the coronavirus crisis.

Despite the false claim being debunked months ago, on Tuesday, NBC’s Today show incredibly still pushed fake news that President Trump labeled the coronavirus a “hoax” in the early days of the pandemic. In reality, Trump made it clear that he thought efforts by Democrats and some in the liberal media to politicize the global health crisis was the “hoax,” not the serious threat from the disease itself.

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson calls Mika Brzezinski's accusation that President Trump has a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine "the most reckless claim" he'd ever heard during a pandemic. Tucker went on to label Mika's claim "paranoid, and crazy, and stupid," adding, "to say something like that on your stupid television show is totally wrong." 

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed another victim: the Lights Out With David Spade weeknight program on Comedy Central. Spade's show was a rarity: A late night comedy show not fixated on bashing Donald Trump and Republicans. The show featured host Spade and a revolving panel of guests discussing pop culture news. It stopped production on March 12, joining hundreds of other shows in shutting down due to the COVID-9 illness.