New York City Elections Official: 'There's a Lot of Voter Fraud'; Liberal NYC Papers Quiet

The Democrats insist that "voter fraud is very rare" and that "voter impersonation is nearly non-existent." The press has consistently almost completely ignored evidence that voter fraud and voter impersonation are serious and growing problems.

One can expect that indifference will continue to be the norm even after the latest video produced by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas. The video shows a Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin of New York County, which is the county-level name for the Manhattan borough of New York City, at a holiday party in December 2015 "admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City."

The practices he describes are apparently so pervasive that one has to wonder why the New York City media — from the New York Times, the New York Post (which at least has voiced some general concerns) and the Daily News down to the local borough publications — have failed to note and report what has been happening right under their collective noses. The liberal papers are ignoring the new video.

During the video, viewers will note Schulkin's reference to the fact that there is no voter ID requirement in the State of New York, and that this situation creates numerous opportunities for electoral mayhem:

Transcript (bolds are mine; snips are breaks in the conversation flow, something which O'Keefe clearly identifies and which establishment press journalists routinely fail to do in their interviews):

ALAN SCHULKIN: I think there's a lot of voter fraud.

- snip -

Right. Like I say, people don't realize certain neighborhoods in particular, they bus people around to vote.

INTERVIEWER: They do what?

SCHULKIN: They bus them around. The put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.

INTERVIEWER: Like what kind of neighborhoods?

SCHULKIN: I don't want to say.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, like minority neighborhoods, like black neighborhoods and Hispanic neighborhoods?

SCHULKIN: Yeah. And Chinese too.

INTERVIEWER: Oh. Why do they do that? Just to get more votes for Democrats?

SCHULKIN: For votes. More votes for themselves. They're all running for office.

INTERVIEWER: Oh yeah, for like their candidates?

SCHULKIN: For the Assembly, for whatever. They get buses and they move people around.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: But New York doesn't have voter ID laws, right? New York?

SCHULKIN: No you can't. You cannot ask.


SCHULKIN: They can't ask for voter ID.

INTERVIEWER: Why's that? They can't -

SCHULKIN: It's the law. The law says you can't ask for anything, which they really should be able to do.

- snip -

You know, I don’t think it’s too much to ask somebody to show some kind of an ID.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, I mean why not? I mean you have to show an ID for everything else.

SCHULKIN: Right. You go into a building you have to show them your ID.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: Well, you're the Democratic - You're the Commissioner you said of the Democratic Election Commissioners. So if there is voter fraud and you think there should be voter ID, why don't people listen to you? I mean -

SCHULKIN: Well that's because the New York State legislature makes the laws, I don't make the law.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: And you say there's a lot of absentee ballot fraud too?

SCHULKIN: Oh there's thousands of absentee ballots. I don't know where they came from.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah but that's the thing though. Hillary Clinton doesn't support voter ID laws.

SCHULKIN: I know. That's why I'm not always crazy about everything the Democrats do either.

- snip -

SCHULKIN: De Blasio just gave out ID cards.


SCHULKIN: He gave out ID cards, de Blasio. They don't have you know — that's in lieu of a driver's license, but you can use it for anything. But they didn't vet the people to see who they really are.

Anybody can go in there and say, I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card. It's absurd. There is a lot of fraud, not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud.

INTERVIEWER: What a waste of taxpayer money.

SCHULKIN: That's why I'm getting more conservative as I get older.

INTERVIEWER: Well maybe you won't vote for Hillary, I don't know.

SCHULKIN: I wouldn't, but I have no choice.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: Not only just like voter ID because of voting twice, but people can like cover their faces, do you know what I'm saying?

SCHULKIN: Well the Muslims can do that too. You don't know who they are.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: De Blasio wants to let them in New York.

SCHULKIN: He doesn't care. What does he care? Who's going to pay for it? You are. Your tax money.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: The Muslims yeah, especially all those burkas. Someone can claim, "oh it's my religion," but then you don't know if they are pretending or not.

SCHULKIN: Exactly.

- snip -

Your vote isn't really counting, because they can go in with a burka on and you don't know if they are a voter.

INTERVIEWER: You don't what?

SCHULKIN: Your vote gets discounted because they come in with a burka on and they can vote.

People you know think that it's a liberal thing to do, but I, I take my vote seriously, and I don't want ten other people coming in and negating my vote by voting for the other candidate when they're not even registered voters.

- snip -

INTERVIEWER: Are you sure you're a Democrat?

SCHULKIN: Sometimes I'm not.

INTERVIEWER: Are you sure you're a Democrat?

SCHULKIN: I'm only telling you this.

This is more evidence that elections are being rigged and stolen right before our eyes.

When I posted a week ago on documented proof that noncitizens are registering to vote and have cast ballots in Virginia, one commenter ("John in OK") made the following observation, which bears repeating:

If Republicans were benefiting from the fraud, the media investigation would dwarf the response to 9/11 and the swarm of reporters dispatched to Wasilla, Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin -- COMBINED.

The comment from "John in OK" responded to the question I posed at the end of that post, which I will now paraphrase to fit the circumstances: Since it's virtually impossible to believe all of this has escaped everyone's notice, has it escaped coverage in the New York City press only because the people in charge of those publications are content with who's conducting the theft?

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