Climate Skeptics Are Like Racists; Oregon Prof's Looniness Not News Until UK Daily Mail Reports It

For the umpteenth time, news unfavorable or embarrassing to the left comes from the UK instead of the USA.

In this instance, it was an unbylined item in Saturday's Daily Mail. For years, Oregon University Sociology and environmental studies professor Kari Norgaard has been spewing forth bigoted characterizations of anyone who dares not surrender to the gospel of global warming. But her bizarre outlook didn't get meaningful notice from the press all these years until she presented her, uh, work at the annual four-day ‘Planet Under Pressure’ international conference in London. Here is some of what the Daily Mail found, and which Rush Limbaugh for all practical purposes broke in the U.S. media. I hear echoes of the former Soviet Union's serial abuse of psychiatry just around the bend (bolds are mine throughout this post):

'If you don't believe in climate change you must be sick': Oregon professor likens skepticism to racism
An Oregon University professor has controversially compared skepticism of global warming to racism.
Sociology and environmental studies professor Kari Norgaard wrote a paper criticising non-believers, suggesting that doubters need to be have a ‘sickness’.
The professor, who holds a B.S. in biology and a master's and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistance’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognised and treated’ as an aberrant sociological behaviour.
Resolving skepticism about climate change alarmists, she added, is a challenge equitable to overcoming ‘racism or slavery in the U.S. South’.
In the last 30 years, Norgaard said, climate change has been seen as either a hoax or fixable with minimal political or economic intervention.
‘This kind of cultural resistance to very significant social threat is something that we would expect in any society facing a massive threat’, she said.

Rush noted yesterday that Ms. Norgaard is not a harmless goofball:

Now, before you start laughing at this, understand that this woman is teaching impressionable young skulls full of mush this stuff, and they're coming out of Oregon University believing this. And if they're not challenged anywhere the rest of their life they're going to believe this everywhere they go, and some of these students end up at the Environmental Protection Agency or end up in a Democrat administration either at the statehouse level or at the presidential level, this is the kind of person that Obama would hire. This the kind of person Obama has hired. This is the kind of thinking that Obama believes and sponsors. It's what he believes. It's what he was taught.
This is what has passed for science education for over ten years now, and it is not science. It's pure politics. It's pure politics disguised as science. This professor, if you read whole story, this Kari Norgaard, sociology and environmental studies professor, wants everybody packed into the cities so that we're not strolling around nature and ruining it. She wants it something seen only in pictures, with accredited photographers allowed to go there and take pictures of nature, but the mass population should not be allowed.

This will shock absolutely no one, but a Google News Search on Ms. Norgaard's first and last name (not in quotes; sorted by date with duplicates) returns seven items, none of which are establishment press news sources.

In another move which will shock absolutely no one, Watt's Up With That reports, with supporting graphics, that Ms. Norgaard's university is feverishly working to scrub information about her and her work from the web:

Rewriting history: “treatment” of climate sceptics disappears from University of Oregon press statement
Apparently, the maelstrom of embarrassment and public ridicule created by Kari Marie Norgaard, professor of sociology and environmental studies at the University of Oregon was too much for the University to bear. So, in the best Soviet style, they rewrote history, as if nobody would notice, without so much as an apology or update. I find it amazing in this day an age that University types still don’t understand the Internet and that disappearing things like this only makes it worse for you.
... It seems Norgaard herself has been “disappeared” from the University of Oregon web server.
... apparently her official email address has been replaced on the Sociology Faculty page.

Of course, none of this possibly be news to those in the U.S. establishment press either. (/sarc)

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