Classless: As 14 Die, Including 7 Young Children, AP Reporters Engage in Class Warfare

Here's how the Associated Press's Matthew Brown chose to open his organization's initial story (HT Michelle Malkin) on the Montana plane crash where 14 people died, including seven young children, their parents, and the pilot:


Because, y'know, the victims' presumed "ultrarich" socioeconomic status was sooooo important.

Incredibly, Brown's report was not an isolated incident, as the AP played the class card at least two additional times. The first came almost three hours later, as seen in this item carried at, as more information about the nature of the crash came out:


Finally, in a much longer dispatch about six hours after Brown's initial report, AP reporters Matt Gouras and Joan Lowy stuck with the theme in their third paragraph:


Here is a photo of the Jacobsens (found at this link), one of the families who perished:


May God be with them and all who died, and may He provide strength to their surviving relatives and friends.

I'll let commenters elaborate, lest I engage in language I'll regret later.

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*****Updated by Noel Sheppard at 4:20 PM: I wanted to make sure that people looked at Michelle's piece that Tom hat-tipped. These families weren't ultrarich. What is ultrarich? These were doctors, dentists, and nurses serving the communities that revered and loved them.

Is this where Obama's attacks on upper-income wage-earners are heading: to a point where doctors, dentists, and nurses are hated in this nation because they dare to make money?

What is happening to this country if being a doctor, dentist, or nurse is now considered greedy? Are there any avocations the left reveres other than public school teachers and Democrat politicians?

Lord help us.

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