Of All the Pics CNN.com Could Have Used ….

.... for its item on John McCain's age, it picked this one from the Associated Press:

Alan Silverleib's article also contradicted itself within the space of just a few sentences:

Roughly one-third of respondents in most recent national polls say that McCain's age could impede his ability to effectively govern the nation.

These percentages are in line with historical trends. Approximately one-third of voters expressed similar concerns about Bob Dole's age in 1996 and Ronald Reagan's age in 1984. (Dole was 73 years old in 1996. Reagan was 73 in 1984.)

The importance of the age question may be magnified this time around because it threatens to sap McCain's support with one of his most critical constituencies: older Americans.

What? If the poll percentages of those concerned are the same, why is the concern bigger this time? Sliverleib may simply assume that the "magnification" is there because those over 65 probably make up a larger percentage of the electorate than 12 and 24 years ago. But it may also be that medical and tech advances have caused the many over 65 to recognize that 71 really isn't that old if you take care of yourself, as it appears Mr. McCain has.

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