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The media cant seem to get the CDCs updated obesity statistics straight.

Major outlets ignore Democratic Congressmans Social Security proposal that would raise the payroll tax.

Networks cite red-herring costs of personal accounts without explaining what they mean.

Three major newspapers attack traditional economic views and show support for the welfare state.

Business Week attacks the ownership society with scare tactics and liberal talking points.

When it comes to managing money, the L.A. Times says were all dummies. The next step in the logic is for Social Security to stay the same to protect us from ourselves.

Herman Cains They Think Youre Stupid points out media problems with biased reporting and poor economic coverage.

New York Times economist continues papers reliance on incorrect information about drug research costs.

Two straight years of positive employment numbers and more than 3 million new jobs but those facts havent stopped the media from finding negativity in the strangest places.

Energy reports blame Bush for gas prices, misinform about oil refining and encourage fear of nuclear power.

Washington Post, New York Times herald benefit cuts while news networks dismiss President Bushs sales pitch.

Networks Guarantee Liberal View of Social Security

Networks Guarantee Liberal View of Social Security

Story focuses on different legislative styles of Bush and Roosevelt. It then ignores enormous differences between then and now.

Post, Times dont even come close to agreeing on what Fed Chairman has to say.