Parody: Creating a Fake Washington Post from the Right

On Wednesday it was discovered that a fake news edition of the Washington Post had been printed and was being distributed around the city. But that came from a bunch of left-wingers who think the Post is too wishy-washy about forcing Trump to resign or be impeached. 

As a bit of weekend fun, we thought it would be amusing to try this experiment from the conservative view, instead of the radical left. So here's our front page of just barely fake news from the Post. Their editorializing daily tone is enhanced only a wee bit from the mid-week output....


Pelosi's peerless power play plows over Trump


On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) released a letter sent to the White House telling President Donald Trump that his previously scheduled State of the Union address should be postponed until his temper tantrum passes. The president, who craves the spotlight like an addict craves his fix, reacted by throwing several fast-food hamburgers across the Oval Office, according to our heroic sources, who spoke anonymously to prevent democracy from dying in darkness. 

According to a fact check by the Post, the suggestion that Trump has the comprehension skills to read Pelosi's letter is rated as "misleading.”


Ocasio-Cortez tweets above, below, and around hard-right trolls of social media 


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) announced on Twitter on Wednesday "I will be teaching a Twitter class tomorrow morning open to all members." The socialist Democrat's social-media savvy, currently measured at two million Twitter followers, is inspiring fellow Democrats as it draws fits of desperate rage from hardliners on the political right. She responded to critics in a recent interview: "Dude, like dude! Relax, dude! You have no bullets! You have no bombs! You have no Beefaroni from your moms!" Democrats are following her millennial messaging with rapt attention as the nation shifts away from stale, pale, and male ways of talking about politics. 

Trump's EPA nominee vows to despoil planet within ten years 


Andrew Wheeler, a former oil industry lobbyist cynically plucked to act against the public interest by President Trump to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, told a Senate panel Wednesday that he would continue the administration's aggressive attempts to reverse environmental protections, which objective, utterly nonpartisan scientists say will make the Earth uninhabitable by 2030.  Protesters began chanting soon after Wheeler began speaking with statements such as "Mankind can't eat money," "Vote Left so you can breathe right," and "Democracy dies in darkness."


And just for a bonus: 


Why Trump uses racial slur 'Pocahontas' against Elizabeth Warren


As part of our ongoing series of Trump evaluations that claim the president uncorks roughly 106 lies and misleading statements per day, we will evaluate why the president uses the racial slur "Pocahontas" to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Trump is referring to Warren’s self-proclaimed Native American heritage, which we proclaimed was a Republican lie when they complained in 2012.

In the light of new racial slurs, we have reevaluated, using our usual strict opinion-free standards of facticity. Senator Warren was citing family lore, and family members had mixed opinions about her Cherokee tales and Pow Wow Chow cookbook entries, which made it hard to rule one way or the other that Trump was justified in calling her a liar. On the matter of Warren's Native American ancestry, then, we rate the president's assessment TRUE BUT FALSE, or "Pinocchio Dies in Darkness."


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