Mika Brzezinski Bombshell: Clinton Camp Called NBC, Tried to Get Me Pulled Off Air

December 9th, 2016 10:46 AM

Our old colleague Mark Finkelstein at Legal Insurrection caught a humdinger today. Mika Brzezinski revealed on the air that Hillary Clinton's campaign called NBC brass and demanded Mika be taken off the air for something "journalistically inappropriate." Let that sink in: the Clinton campaign wanted Mika -- not Joe, not an MSNBC Republican like Michael Steele -- removed from morning TV.

Mika seemed to tilt toward Bernie Sanders at times, and did criticize Hillary. But she also suggested Hillary would "slaughter" Trump in the fall.

The morning crew was discussing how the Clintonites couldn't understand they had made some big mistakes, like the "basket of deplorables" comment. Scarborough brought up the Democrat who "sniveled" at DNC chair Donna Brazile that by letting Trump win, “You and your friends will die of old age and I’m going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy.” Then the bombshell dropped:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Listen, I was concerned the campaign was not understanding that perhaps there was an arrogance, they needed to sort of get off their high horse and understand that this isn’t over. I’ll just say it: NBC got a call from the campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air. I mean, think about that. That’s just, that’s shooting the wrong messenger.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way, Mika, there were also people surrounding the campaign that tried to tell the campaign it was in trouble. Those people were shut out.

MIKA: [sighs] And here we are.

JOE: Here we are.