Against Fiorina Wisecrack, 'The View' Honors Hillary Staying Married: 'Hashtag #B***hCommits'

On ABC's The View on Friday, the ladies discussed the Republican debate. They actually discussed both debates, going after Carly Fiorina's Hillary wisecrack in the undercard. She said: "Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.” The screen graphic throughout the chat read "Fiorina's swipe at Hillary's marriage."

Co host Joy Behar made a meowing sound and said, “I wonder who she’s talking about? Who do you think she’s talking about?”

“Let me get my cigar out and think about it,” Michelle Collins said with a Starr Report joke. “No, I mean, come on,” Collins said. “We all know who she’s talking about. And I think, for me, Hillary staying with Bill is a major selling point for me for Hillary. Because it shows me that she can commit. She is a woman. She will commit to her man and commit to her country. Bitch commits. That’s all I have to say. Hashtag #BitchCommits.”

CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin uncorked the Original Formula Clinton Adultery spin, that by enabling, defending, and lying for the adulterer, Hillary showed family values:

HOSTIN: I was offended by what Carly said. I don't think women have to tear each other down to be successful. So that, in and of itself, was.... [Applause ]

BEHAR: Doesn't she -- doesn't she constantly accuse everyone of sexism, too?

HOSTIN: She does. I think if you're a Republican running on a platform of family values, what Hilary did by staying her marriage, amidst all of the things that were going on, all of the infidelity, I think sort of a credit to staying together.

This is a Clinton-boosting repeat for Hostin on The View. Liberals tend to keep insisting on the oxymoron of "Clinton family values."

Raven-Symone, the unpredictable pundit, asked Hostin: “I'm not coming for you, Hillary, just so everybody knows. Now, you could say, did she stay with him because she knew what she wanted to do in her career and needed that? Behar shot back: “Why not? Why not?” Hostin said “Maybe a little bit of both,” and she said she would stay in her marriage if her husband cheated.

But what the Clintons did – not just in the White House, but in testimony under oath and in outraged public assertions – went beyond infidelity to sustained lying and even perjury. No one on The View is bringing up the hypocrisy of Hillary tweeting out that every victim of sexual assault deserves to be believed, while she organized her staff to crush the credibility of her husband's accusers.

Everything that's happened with Mrs. Clinton's ambitions since 1998 makes it obvious she had a selfish reason to be so "generous."

The show began with Behar joking about how the GOP debate ended “bromances” – between Trump and Cruz, and between Chris Christie and Obama.

Once again, Hostin championed the Democratic Party talking points: “Not to get wonky, but I do think Cruz is being a bit of a hypocrite, because he always says that the Constitution never changes. Right? It's the way the Framers, the people who wrote it, intended it to be. Yet if that's true, he isn't a natural-born citizen, because he was born in Canada. So now the Constitution has changed for Ted Cruz. I think that’s a little bit hypocritical.”

When it came to the “New York values” exchange, everyone became a Trump fan. Joy Behar exclaimed I think he nailed it! I think Trump nailed it. She called it “a tactical error on Cruz’s part, to diss the one city that had a terrorist attack.” Earth to Joy: isn’t Arlington, Virginia – site of the Pentagon – a city?

Michelle Collins added: “That was rare for Trump. I think one of the reasons people thought he won last night was because of that moment. He was showing, for the first time ever maybe, a moment of sincerity and sensitivity we haven't seen out of him.”

When they showed footage of Christie telling Obama the GOP was going to “kick your rear end out of the White House,” Behar saw Christie trying to back out of the Superstorm Sandy bromance of 2012 (she showed clips of two pols strolling side by side in slow-motion.) Hostin pulled out the race card:

HOSTIN: I didn’t like that! I think when you're talking about the president of the United States, you have to have respect. There's a dignity to that office. Even if you don't like the president, he is still your president. And he also called him a petulant child. I don't think you call the president of the United States a child. And quite frankly, maybe I'm reading too much into it. But as a person of color, it felt very coded to me that you would call the president a child. I didn't like it.

Christie should have known that this insult would be deemed racist by a plethora of black liberals on TV. It's a bit odd since "petulant" is an adjective lots of New Jersey political observers would apply to some of his outbursts.

[Hat tip: Daily Caller]

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