MRCTV's Questions About Amnesty and Kate Steinle Air on Two Fox News Shows

The Fox News programs The O'Reilly Factor and Fox & Friends featured video with MRCTV's Dan Joseph on Thursday night and Friday morning. Dan asked voters at a pro-amnesty event at Colorado University in Boulder whether they had heard of Kate Steinle or "Kate's Law" named on her behalf. They had not.

On July 1 of this year, Steinle was shot in the aorta and killed by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, but returned to San Francisco, a "sanctuary city" that protects illegal immigrants from deportation.

"Kate's Law" is a proposal to block states and cities from receiving federal law enforcement funding if they refuse to communicate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) folks about illegal immigrants (like those being released from police custody).

Dan's interviews were ended abruptly by the amnesty advocates, as he explained:

Once the event organizers caught onto the fact that MRCTV was asking about Steinle, they insisted that we leave the "public event." As the video shows, the organizers admitted that the reason we were being asked to leave was specifically because they didn't like the questions we were asking.

Dan and the MRCTV crew will be filming outside next week's debates in Milwaukee (for the Republicans on Fox Business) and Des Moines (for the Democrats on CBS).

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