Bill Press Hails Democratic 'Truth' Convention, Compared to 'Pale Male Stale' GOP Convention of 'Lies'

Bill Press was the very model of a modern talk-show partisan on Friday. He loved the Democratic convention: "What a contrast with Tampa, right? This is a convention that told the truth and Tampa was the convention that just told nothing but lies, lies, lies, lies. There were no lies here. Joe Biden told the truth Barack Obama told the truth Bill Clinton told the truth."

Press also welcomed in black talk show host and political strategist Richard Fowler and adored his put-down of the Republicans in Tampa as "pale,male, and stale." Press apparently doesn't think he could be described with any of these disparaging words:

PRESS: I’m not going to steal your line I’m going to let you use how you summed up the Convention that you saw in Tampa.

FOWLER: Listen there’s three words to it and I’m happy that you’ve been quoting me that was the goal. Pale stale and male is what we saw in Tampa.

PRESS: Ha ha! Pale stale and male you got that. Pale stale and male. That’s what it was.

FOWLER: You know it completely was.

PRESS: It looked like a bunch of old farts who were trying to protect their tax returns or something.

FOWLER: Well you know and I think to go a little bit further on the pale stale and male comment, they’re really only trying to protect four things; pale people stale people male people and fetuses. If you’re not one of those four things they’re really not trying to protect you, they’re not looking out for your best interest.

Wouldn't Press think he could be dismissed as a "pale,stale, and male old fart"? Apparently he's too young, fresh and hip to qualify.

Press is also shameless enough to pen a column for The Hill newspaper titled "Yes, we are better off than four years ago."

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