Daily Kos on ObamaCare: 'Conservatives Want to Hurt People,' Liberals Want to Help

Laurence Lewis at Daily Kos couldn’t help digressing from his blog on the San Francisco gay “pride” parade to ObamaCare. “The difference on health care between Republicans and Democrats, between conservatives and liberals? Republicans and conservatives want to take access to health care away from people,” he wrote on Sunday.

They “want to end Medicare and Medicaid as we know them. In absolute contrast, Democrats and liberals want to build on the ACA, until access to quality health care is a national birth right. In other words, Republicans and conservatives want to hurt people; Democrats and liberals want to help people.”

Lewis concluded: "The agents of regression and repression will not prevent this dream's imminent emergence into reality."

Naturally, Obama is apparently drawing grand enthusiasm from the left-wing base in San Fran Nan's territory:

OFA [Obama for America/Organizing for America] was out in force, and their parade participants were handing out pink Obama LGBT stickers. Long after having left the parade, all day and night, all over the city, I saw people wearing these stickers. It's purely anecdotal, but my observation is that this most liberal of cities is very enthused to re-elect this president.

[Hat tip: Remember the Zablocki]

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