O'Reilly: Second Guessing Obama On Spending Proposal 'Just Cheap Shotting Him'

Last week, Fox News Channel's uber-host Bill O'Reilly (of his eminently popular Factor) declared a preemptive unilateral journalistic disarmament with the incoming Obama Administration on it's humongous spending proposal intended in the Administration's words to "stimulate" the economy.

Speaking with CNSNews.com's Nicholas Ballasy, O'Reilly, who regularly describes himself as a "protector of the regular folks," announced he is going to vacate his duties as said guardian with regard to President-elect Barack Obama's projected $1+ trillion outlay.

That's a great deal of money that will be taken from the "regular folks" for redistribution by Obama, yet O'Reilly says he will not scrutinize the titanic Socialistic effort.  In fact, what he's seen so far - he's "fine with."  Worse still, he says ANY negative analysis of the plan is "just cheap shotting" Obama.

This is the treatment the vapid vastness that is the Lamestream Media gives Obama; we have come to expect a little more from Fox News.  O'Reilly, the station's flagship face, seems to be less than interested in providing the governmental oversight we need from the Channel on which we are counting as the sole source of objective Obama Administration coverage.

His statement in it's entirety is transcribed below the fold.

O'Reilly: "I think Obama has a pretty good vision of what has to happen in the economic range.  But I'm not going to second guess the guy, let's just see what they come up with - see what they do.  We need to get this economy rolling, a lot of people are suffering, so I'm fine with what he's put out there so far, we'll just have to see.  Second guessing the guy is just cheap shotting him.  

"Look, if you put money into the economy wisely and with discipline it has to help."

Because we all know that the government is by far the best hope to "put money into the economy wisely and with discipline."  Right?          

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