Will Nets Notice? Prominent Liberal Leader Accused of Being a Commie Stooge

On Friday, a major world leader endured serious allegations that he was, in effect, a commie stooge. But unfortunately for liberal journalists, it was Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader in Britain. According to numerous stories, the man who could very well soon be Prime Minister was paid by communist spies to pass information during the Cold War. Will the media notice this? 

Writing in The Daily Mail, political correspondent Kate Ferguson detailed the bombshell accusations: 

Jeremy Corbyn was a paid informant of the Czech secret police during the height of the Cold War, it has been claimed.

Former Czech secret agent Jan Sarkocy - also known as Jan Dymic - said he met the Labour leader in the 1980s and Mr Corbyn was paid money for information.

He reportedly told the Czech news channel CTK that Mr Corbyn - code named 'Agent Cob' - 'was recruited' and 'was rated in Moscow as the number one'.

Writing in Britain’s Evening Standard, Joe Murphy noted that it doesn’t look good: “Mr Corbyn strongly denies knowingly meeting a spy but confirmed that he had talks at the House of Commons with a diplomat in 1987.” 

The conservative Spectator concluded: 

Corbyn, though, would undoubtedly be the most anti-Western figure ever to become Britain’s Prime Minister. His record show that he has consistently had sympathy for the West’s enemies and is more than prepared to turn a blind eye to their own moral failings.

Liberal American journalists tend to ignore British politics, but offer liberal spin when they do cover stories. In June of 2016, when the country decided to leave the European Union, ABC, CBS and NBC exploded, demanding a “do-over” to “overturn” the “worst” decision.

Here are five times the networks hyped a Brexit economic "meltdown" before the market rebounded.     

In September of 2016, The New York Times smeared British voters, fearing that the “Brexit vote has unleashed a wave of violence.” 

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