Seriously? New Chris Matthews Ad Touts Liberal’s ‘Tough Questions’

In case you weren’t aware, the liberal Chris Matthews is the king of the “tough questions.” That’s according to a new ad airing on MSNBC. In the spot, Matthews brags, “I take it as my job not to just ask the tough questions... but to get answers to them.” 

He boasted, “That means following up... sometimes more than once.” The commercial ends with a satisfied Matthews declaring, “Because when we get them [answers], it makes all the difference.” 

However, in January of 2016, the Hardball host conducted a 20 minute softball interview with Hillary Clinton. It included “questions” such as this one: “Well, New York came and fell in love with you and said, ‘We like you, come up here, live up here and be our senator.’” 

Matthews is also the same person who famously said that Barack Obama gave him a “thrill up the leg.” On Wednesday night, he wondered if the President could lose some "glow" by attacking Donald Trump. 

So, perhaps, the journalist meant that the “tough questions” are simply for Republicans. 

A transcript of the ad is below: 

Hardball ad

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I take it as my job not to just ask the tough questions — [Clip of Matthews talking to Trump] This is not something you can dodge. — But to get the answers. 
[talking to Hillary Clinton] Did you ever believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? 


MATTHEWS: That means following up. [Talking to Clinton] Who told you? [Back to ad.] Sometimes more than once. [Talking to Sanders.] Obama can’t do this. But you can. How? [Back to ad.] Hardball is about getting answers. [Talking to Donald Trump.] Can you tell the Middle East we are not using nuclear weapons? 

DONALD TRUMP: I would never say that. I would never take my cards off the table. 

MATTHEWS: Because when we get them, it makes all the difference. 

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