Wash Post Devotes a Staggering 6,228 Words to 'Nuanced' Maine Senators Who Frustrate Conservatives

May 6th, 2011 4:35 PM

According to the Washington Post, examining every detail of the relationship between moderate Republican Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins is worth devoting an exhausting 6228 words to. Writer Martha Sherrill offered a fawning analysis of the two senators who often frustrate conservatives.

The near book-length profile investigated the apparent dislike the senators have for each other, but also highlighted the "nuanced" way in which the two side with liberal policies. "But voting with the Democrats has never fazed Snowe, especially after weeks of rumination," readers learn.

Regarding Snowe's decision to vote for acquitting Bill Clinton during impeachment, Sherrill narrated, "This nuanced decision making and openness to Democratic initiatives has fueled a tea party Web site called 'Mainers for Snowe Removal,' which displays a photograph of the smiling senator with her head being scooped up by a giant snow shovel."

Instead, the article contained fawning, tabloid style passages such as this one: "Olympia Jean Snowe is wearing exquisitely tailored black pants and a tweedy black jacket. Her long thin arms move gracefully...Her dark hair is pulled back in that super-wavy ponytail, giving her a sense of having almost tamed something wild inside." [Emphasis added.]

Readers are told penetrating details from Snowe, including that listening is the "key ingredient of my job."

Sherrill explained that "flinty pragmatism is a way of life" for Collins. After describing how the politician helped overturn Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the journalist wrote, "Getting things done on Capitol Hill — while not generating new enemies — is an art that Collins has mastered."

Instead of spending much time on conservative anger towards the two, Sherrill offered poetry:

Volunteers in the western town of Bethel built the world’s tallest snow woman, 122 feet tall with two pine trees for arms, and dubbed her “Olympia Snow Woman.” A tribute poem decreed:

The sun will shine upon her

And she will disappear

Nothing ever lasts forever

But her heart will stay right here.

The full article can be found here.