CNN’s Polls Are Grade A – Or Else!

CNN's Presidential Debate Report Card echoes most polls offered by the main stream media.  It involves 60% Democrats as a sample group, and if your response doesn't agree with their agenda, then some ‘alterations' are made.  In other words, the results are weighted to provide liberals with an edge. 

The Web site's latest report card allows the viewer to rate the performance of both Presidential candidates in Wednesday's debate.  Seems pretty straight-forward, right?  But things weren't working properly for some readers.

In fact, when visiting the Barack Obama side of the report card first, all is seemingly well. Votes are counted and recorded correctly.  Everything seems just dandy.  However, when one visits the John McCain side first, things can get a little peculiar. 

This peculiarity occurred several times early Thursday afternoon, and will be outlined after the break.

When clicking on a choice of grade for McCain's debate performance, I went with an A, as can be seen here with the highlight:

McCain grade

After clicking ‘next' the overall results appeared.  This showed that I had chosen an A, while the overall average was a D, obviously reflecting a heavily liberal viewer base.  Fine.

McCain Grade 2

I then went over to Barack Obama's grades.  After carefully sifting through the propaganda, I decided to give him a more realistic grade of C for his performance, which is highlighted below.

 Obama Grade

Here's where it gets a little crazy.  After clicking ‘next' the results are again shown, which indicated that I had, contrary to reality, given Obama a grade of A. 

Obama Grade 3

That's 8 out of 10 times, I chose a grade between C and F, and the results indicated that I had selected an A instead. 

Since this happened, the problem remains, though intermittently.

Regardless, at least for a period of time, voters were giving Obama a grade of A no matter what they actually requested.

Evidently it wasn't enough to have a completely-in-the-tank-for-Saint-Obama Democratic strategist (Begala), the Editor-at-Large for the Huffington Post (Rosen, who is, incidentally, identified merely as a CNN 'contributor' on the initial page), and a senior political analyst who once hallucinated that the liberal establishment ‘doesn't exist anymore' (Gergen). 

No, CNN had to go ACORN on my vote, completely fabricating a false grade for the benefit of Barack Obama.  The only surprise was that Mickey Mouse hadn't registered on the site as one of the analysts. 

Perhaps this is the education reform policy that Obama could adopt.  The CNN policy of better education through handing out unearned A's.  Hey, it's just as viable as asking kids to put away their video games and hoping that fixes everything I suppose.

Apparently with CNN's assistance, being the chosen one means that even when you make a different choice, Obama still end's up reaping the benefits.

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