Trevor Noah Brutally Mocks Media's Wild Speculation on Mueller's Statement

"So, Trump…did commit a crime? Or did he just not not commit a crime? Robert Mueller, why don’t you just speak English?! Even Yoda would be like, ‘Mmm, report confusing you make.'"

That was Comedy Central's Daily Show host Trevor Noah on Wednesday scratching his head over just exactly what Robert Mueller actually said at his press conference earlier in the day. Noah also poked fun at the liberal media's wild speculations as to what Mueller would say although all they had to do was wait a very short while for him to speak his rather obfuscated English.



Here's a highlight of Noah following his mockery of the cable news speculation about what Mueller would say shortly before he said it:

Imagine you’re about to have sex with someone, and you ask them, "Hey, do you have herpes?" And their response is, "Well, if I had confidence that I did not have herpes, I would have said so." You’d be like, "Okay, this mother----er has herpes."

Also there was Noah's reaction to Mueller stating he had nothing to say about the investigation other than what was in his report: "''Mmm. I don't have anything more to say and I'm leaving.' See, that there, my friends, is the conviction of a man who has booked a nonrefundable vacation. He's not gonna let Congress screw it up."

The bit concluded with a Daily Show reporter trying very unsuccessfully to get a straight answer from Mueller.

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