'Crash the Tea Party' Guy Follows MSM Script Reporting on Times Square Bomber

Remember the "Crash the Tea Party" guy? He is Jason Levin, seen in the photo at right with his "disguise" with which he hoped to crash a Tea Party in order to discredit it. Levin, an Oregon schoolteacher, was placed on administrative leave before being allowed back in the  classroom. However, it now appears that he is vying for another job: news writer. His blog analysis about who was behind the Times Square bomb plot fits almost perfectly into the mainstream media pattern in reporting on the plot. First Levin, like many in the MSM (and NY mayor Bloomberg) who at least made that charge by implication, blamed the Tea Party people:

UPDATE MAY 03 Suspect currently being questioned by law enforcement.

Anonymous sources have reported that a suspect is currently being questioned in the Bridgeport / New Haven CT area. The suspect is a middle age white male, has a history of strong political views, and considers himself a Sarah Palin Tea Party express activist. An arrest is expected within days.

...Anonymous sources at the scene have reported that the terrorist attack is likely related to theSarah Palin Tea Party movement. "Much like the 911 attackers, Sarah Palin's Tea Party movement also has shown a strong dislike of the United States government." one source reported.

Apparently Levin just can't let go of phony attempts in trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. Unfortunately for Levin and much of the MSM, a Muslim originally from Pakistan was arrested as the main suspect in the Times Square bomb plot. Like the MSM, Levin switched gears and wrote a highly sympathetic profile of the suspect:

Faisal Shahzad's life has been through a lot of upheaval recently. Until last year he was living with his wife, two children and two other relatives in a grey clapboard house in another Connecticut town, Shelton, with a well-kept garden and a white fence.

But he appears to have fallen victim to the Republican created recession. Court records seen by Associated Press appear to show that the property, owned by Shahzad and a woman named Huma Mian, was being foreclosed on by banks following default on a $200,000 mortgage. The family moved out in July last year after a series of garage sales to offload furniture and property.

Speculation has run rampant at Dialy Kos that he might have been a victim of unscoupolous mortgage brokers. "He was a nice family man," Debbie Talyor, 47, a former neighbour in Shelton, told local newspapers. " He wasn't the first in the nieghborhood to be a victim of the mortgage brokers" She said Shahzad seemed like a hard working family man that was unaware of how things worked in America. His wife, who typically wore black Islamic clothing, did not speak English. She said Shahzad commuted daily by train to New York City and had mentioned that he worked on Wall Street.

After losing his home, and with no place for his family to live, they spent the next five months with family in Pakistan, according to reports. His family reportedly remained overseas when he returned to Connecticut to take up residence in Bridgeport.

Yes, it appears that Tea Party Crasher Levin is definitely applying for a job as a news writer.

Paging Chris Matthews! Paging Ed Schultz! Paging Keith Olbermann!

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