Bashes 'Holiday Homophobia,' Challenges Christians Rejecting Gays

It’s the Christmas season, and is celebrating Christ’s birth in the way that media types know best: promoting homosexuality and bashing traditional Christians for their unwavering stance on homosexuality.

A Dec 23 piece (in the “Health” Section) by reporter Susan Donaldson James, titled “Holiday Homophobia: Is It Christian to Reject Gay Partners?”, prominently features two challenges to traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality, without any counter voice supporting Christian teaching on homosexuality. 

The article features Marilyn Bowens, a “professor of law turned Christian minister” who “ministers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and challenges the Church in her new book,‘Ready to Answer: Why ‘Homophobic Church’ Is an Oxymoron.”

James’s piece notes that Bowens is a “lesbian who came out well into adulthood after a heterosexual marriage that produced two boys.” The piece also made sure to record Bowens’ dissatisfaction with her previous heterosexual lifestyle: “I was living the life that was scripted. I went to college and married the first man that asked me… I didn’t get into it from a place of self-awareness and authenticity.”

For religious homosexuals, the emphasis on sexuality is always more important than the part about religion.

The story also features “evangelical Christian” Jay Lowder, who shunned his sister for fifteen years because she came out as a lesbian, before finally accepting her sexuality. 

James also quotes Lowder: “You should love and accept people regardless. Believers in Christ say they hate the sin and love the sinner. But that’s hypocritical. You have no reason to hate someone else’s sin. You need to worry about your own sin… We are all sinners.”

But the homosexual community demands approval of their lifestyle from religious people, and not mere acceptance as brothers and sisters in Christ. Traditional Christians welcome homosexuals as people and as friends, even as they reject their lifestyle. James, however, cherry-picked examples of judgmental Christians, and ignored traditional Christians firm in their stance on homosexuality, yet accepting of individual gays.

James’ piece did not quote anyone who gave the traditional Christian case against homosexuality. Nor did she take into account those who have homosexual inclinations but choose not to act on them, and are happier for having done so.

Instead, she turned to two voices who strongly supported the homosexual lifestyle, and published a one-sided hit job on traditional Christian teachings on homosexuality – just in time for Christmas. Susan Donaldson James Marilyn Bowens Jay Lowder