Russell Simmons: Don Lemon's a 'Slave,' 'Dangerous Talking Head,' 'Disservice to Black Community'

Famous black liberals continued their attacks on CNN's Don Lemon Tuesday.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons weighed in on Twitter a few hours ago calling Lemon a "slave," "dangerous talking head," and a "disservice to the black community":

As NewsBusters reported, Lemon's been savaged by African-American MSNBC employees such as Al Sharpton, Goldie Taylor, and Michael Eric Dyson.

On Monday, a black activist and author called Lemon a professional assassin of African-Americans.

All this for telling his fellow blacks that they should pull up their pants, learn how to speak proper English, get a good education, not litter their neighborhoods, and stop having out of wedlock births.

It really is a warped nation we live in, isn't it?

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