Twitter Explodes With Racial Epithets Towards Larry Elder: 'Coon A-- House N--ger'

As NewsBusters reported, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a heated exchange Wednesday with CNN's Piers Morgan concerning the George Zimmerman trial and prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel.

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Liberals on Twitter went absolutely nuts during and after the exchange throwing a barrage of vulgarity laden racial epithets at Elder (serious vulgarity warning):

Our friends at Twitchy have more disgusting examples for those that are interested.

For his part, Elder responded with his usual grace and dignity:

Sadly, what we've seen in America in recent decades is the only acceptable black person to people on the left is one that shares their ideology.

Not only aren't conservatives welcome in the black community, they are to be attacked and ridiculed whenever possible.

It really is a sad commentary about the state of racial politics in 2013.

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