Chelsea Handler to 9-Year-Old Quvenzhané Wallis: ‘Been Trying To Get Your Little Nugget A** On This Show’

Despite Chelsea Handler's reputation as a vulgar host of a late night talk show on the E! network, you'd think she'd have the decency of toning it down when one of her guests is a child.

Apparently not, for on Monday's Chelsea Lately, the host actually said to 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, "I’ve been trying to get your little nugget a** on this show and you've been booked solid" (video follows with commentary):

For those unfamiliar with Wallis, she's the youngest female ever to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.

She unfortunately found herself in a bit of a controversy Sunday when the satirical website The Onion sent out a tweet calling her the C-word.

As such, having her behind referred to as a "little nugget a**" must have been a step up.

Regardless, Handler should be advised that if she's going to have children on her program, she should speak to them as children and not in the same foul-mouthed way she does her adult guests.

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