SNL’s Martha Raddatz Tells Biden and Ryan ‘Don’t Try To F—k Me Like I’m Jim Lehrer!’

NBC’s Saturday Night Live began its program last night with a vulgarity that although bleeped was as obvious as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face.

In the opening segment spoofing Thursday’s vice presidential debate, Kate McKinnon playing ABC’s Martha Raddatz channeled Samuel L. Jackson in the movie "Pulp Fiction" telling the contestants, “Don’t try to f—k me like I’m Jim Lehrer” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

As the segment began, McKinnon introduced herself and the contestants reminding them that their performance is “extremely unlikely to affect the outcome of the election. So, just have fun with it.”

Taran Killam playing Paul Ryan began his opening statement and was immediately interrupted by Jason Sudeikis in the Joe Biden role claiming that what Killam said was “a bunch of malarkey.”

“What’s that mean?” asked McKinnon.

“It's Irish,” answered Killam.

“No, no, no. Irish is I come over there and smack that dumb look off your face. That’s Irish,” interjected Sudeikis.

“Hey,” barked McKinnon. “Do I sound like Jim Lehrer?"

“No,” the boys responded.

“Do I look like Jim Lehrer?” continued McKinnon.

“No,” sheepishly said the boys.

“Then don't try to f--k me like Jim Lehrer,” McKinnon said.

Now, to be clear, the vulgarity was bleeped, but everyone knew what she said.

For those not getting the joke, it was a riff on the opening scene of "Pulp Fiction" when Samuel L. Jackson had a similar exchange with someone he was about to murder.

In this instance, although it occurred at 11:30 on a Saturday night, was it appropriate on broadcast television?

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