MSNBC's Touré Neblett Offers 12 Second Apology for Romney 'Niggerization' Remark

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's Touré Neblett on Thursday's The Cycle accused presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of using what he called "niggerization" against Barack Obama.

On Friday, Neblett offered a twelve second - yes, I said twelve second! - apology for his disgraceful remark (video follows with transcript and commentary):

TOURE NEBLETT: On yesterday’s show, in a discussion about the presidential race, I used a word to make a point. In retrospect, I muddied the discussion by using the N-word. I could have made my point without that word. I shouldn’t have used it, and for that I’m sorry.

And that was that. Twelve whole seconds.

Notice how the name "Mitt Romney" or the actual context of what he said was completely absent?

Let's refresh everyone's memory:

NEBLETT: You notice [Romney] says anger twice. He's really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama. The otherization, he's not like us. I know it's a heavy thing to say. I don't say it lightly. But this is niggerization. You are not one of us, and that you are like the scary black man who we've been trained to fear.

Pretty serious accusation regardless of the N-word.

Yet all he apologized for on Friday was the use of the epithet not the actual context of the remark.

I guess he and MSNBC are standing by his statement minus the N-word.

Tells you a lot about this so called "news network," doesn't it?

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