Queen Latifah Makes Racist Remark on Late Show: 'Hammered or a White Girl, Whichever You Prefer'

Actress and singer Queen Latifah made a racially-insensitive remark on CBS's Late Show Tuesday that might raise a few eyebrows.

Talking about the pool at her house, she said there's a section for people to go "If you can’t swim, or if you’re hammer-wasted...Hammered or a white girl, whichever you prefer” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Latifah and host David Letterman were discussing Fourth of July parties when she began talking about the great pool she has at her home.

“I literally took the pool from the Delano Hotel in Miami,” Latifah said. “It’s really like this small in the beginning. You can sit at a table and stuff.”

“My pool is like eight inches so babies can sit in there and stuff,” she continued. “And then it goes four feet. Got a basketball court in that section.”

“If you can’t swim, or if you’re hammer-wasted,” Latifah said, “go there.”

After laughing at this, Latifah added, “Hammered or a white girl, whichever you prefer.”

Latifah laughed again, gave too thumbs up to the crowd, and said, “Good times. Summer time.”

Was she suggesting that white girls are all "hammer-wasted," or that they're only allowed in that section of her pool?

Regardless, imagine for a moment a white entertainer saying he or she has a section in his or her pool if you’re “hammered or a black girl.”

I don’t imagine Letterman and his audience would have laughed, and the resulting outrage would have been huge.

Will this incident bring any negative attention on the woman starring in the new animated film "Ice Age: Continental Drift?"

Stay tuned.

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