Barbara Walters Scolds Joy Behar for Saying GOP Candidates Are Unprepared Like Palin

Barbara Walters gave Joy Behar a well-deserved dressing down on ABC's The View Monday.

After the liberal comedian said Sarah Palin "was completely unprepared for the [vice presidential] job as are a lot of the candidates right now that we’re watching in some of those debates,” Walters responded by providing her co-host the legislative and executive experience of the remaining Republicans in the race (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After introducing the subject of HBO’s “Game Change,” Walters said it depicted former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as “unprepared, uninformed, and uncooperative.”

Behar responded, “She was completely unprepared for the job as are a lot of the candidates right now that we’re watching in some of those debates.”

Joy then had some predictable give and take with Elisabeth Hasselbeck that led to the lone conservative on the panel saying that after this primary process, “We’re looking at candidates now who would be prepared.”

When she got her chance, Walters scolded, “Joy, you just said that the current candidates were unprepared.” She continued, “Rick Santorum was a Senator from Pennsylvania for twelve years, and a member of the House of Representatives for four years. He’s had experience. You may not agree with him, but he’s had experience.”

Surprisingly, Walters added, “Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts for four years. Newt Gingrich served 20 years in the House.”

Behar suddenly changed her tune joking, “Yeah, he’s over-prepared.”

“So you can’t say he’s underprepared,” responded Walters. “You may not like these candidates, but you cannot say that they are uninformed.”

Actually, she can, and like most of her liberal colleagues, she would have gotten away with it if someone wasn't there to correct her.

Brava, Barbara! Brava!

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