Chris Christie Texts Scarborough: Who's Next on Morning Joe to Discuss GOP Race - George Soros?

Chris Christie on Monday perfectly illustrated the beef conservatives have with MSNBC's Morning Joe and its host.

Apparently fed up with the show's parade of liberal guests, New Jersey's Republican governor texted Joe Scarborough in the middle of the program, "Who's next this morning on Morning Joe to talk about the GOP race - George Soros?" (video follows with commentary):

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, after introducing a Libertarian guest said, "Governor Christie is more than welcome to come join the conversation any time he would like."

Scarborough agreed and extended the invitation, but maybe he should get the point that conservatives have been making for years which is even with his presence, the number of liberal guests far exceeds the conservative ones and makes for a tremendously biased presentation.

It should be quite a wake up call for the supposedly conservative host to have a sitting governor he respects send him a text in the middle of his program pointing out his show's glaring deficiency.

Bravo, Governor. Bravo!

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