MSNBC's Matthews, O'Donnell, Schultz and Sharpton Have Totally Ignored Solyndra for Six Weeks Now

Wednesday marked the six week anniversary of solar company Solyndra declaring bankruptcy.

Despite this, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton have yet to report one single word about this growing scandal on their respective prime time programs.

This goes hand in hand with the lack of coverage the broadcast networks have given this matter.

All this silence comes amidst new revelations about the government's $535 million loan to this company as USA Today reported Friday:

Obama administration officials and Republicans stepped up the battle today over whether the Department of Energy broke federal law when it restructured a half-billion-dollar loan guarantee for the now-bankrupt solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra.

Recently released e-mails show that Treasury Department officials were concerned about the restructuring of the loan guarantee to the California clean-energy company, because it put private investors ahead of taxpayers for repayment on part of the loan if Solyndra defaulted.

Republicans have pointed to one e-mail from Mary Miller, an assistant Treasury secretary, who wrote in an Aug. 17 e-mail that Treasury's "legal counsel believes that the statute and the DoE regulations both require that the guaranteed loan should not be subordinate to any loan or other debt obligation." Miller also suggested that the Energy Department consult the Justice Department.

As is plainly evident, this scandal continues to grow with each passing day.

Yet after six weeks, four of MSNBC's five prime time commentators still haven't said a word about it.

The fifth, Rachel Maddow, has logged one report on the subject.

Exactly how do the folks at MSNBC explain such a boycott of an important issue?

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