Tucker Carlson: 'Very Few People Have Done More To Divide The Country Than Chris Matthews'

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday said, "Very few people have done more to divide the country than Chris Matthews."

Such occurred on Fox's "Hannity" show as the Great American Panel discussed the "Hardball" host's deplorable interview with Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) earlier in the day (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Ooh. Thrill up my, that was a good line.

TUCKER CARLSON, DAILY CALLER: It’s excruciating for Chris to listen to other people talk for once. You could see the kind of pain in his face. But, you know, he’s spent the last couple years just sucking up to this guy, sniffing his throne, really, kind of, in an obsequious embarrassing way humiliating himself on behalf of Obama. It must be difficult to watch what’s happened to the country.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It’s a good, that’s a good point. Now you as a, as a, you know, lifelong Democrat, you have tried to get the Party to moderate a little bit, and they have just, they’ve excoriated you for urging moderation.

DOUG SCHOEN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: And I will continue with Caddell to advocate moderation because that’s what’s best for the country. Sean, he's not your president or our, or his president. He's our president. It’s our country.

HANNITY: He’s Matthews' president.

SCHOEN: Well, you know what?

HANNITY: Just kidding.

SCHOEN: We just have to get past that kind of foolishness. You can agree or disagree with a balanced budget. You can agree or disagree with the Gang of Six. But goodness gracious, we are all in this together. It’s our futures and our kids’ futures that’s at stake.

CARLSON: Well very few people have done more to divide the country than Chris Matthews I would say. So, I mean, I, it’s very hard to hold him up as someone who brings us together.

SCHOEN: I'm not, I’m not.

CARLSON: He is very much a dividing line.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say very few people have done more to divide our country, but Matthews and his unabashed willingness to shill for Democrats and liberal causes on national television certainly isn't trying to bring the nation together.

Quite the contrary, as NewsBusters reported on two occasions Tuesday, his completely unprofessional behavior during his interview with Walsh was a perfect example of division and disunity.

Of course, people at MSNBC are only interested in bringing liberals together.

As evidenced by the far-left leaning of their entire prime time lineup, everybody else need not apply.

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