Levin on Reaction to Gitmo Ruling: Reporters Spewing Enemy Talking Points

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court Thursday bestowed Constitutional rights to terrorists currently held at Guantanamo Bay.

As my colleague Brent Baker reported hours ago, the broadcast evening news programs predictably saw this decision as a stinging defeat for the Bush administration that could prove tremendously embarrassing to the president.

Almost prophetically, conservative radio talk show host and constitutional lawyer Mark Levin stated earlier in the day that reporters making such statements "are lying through their teeth. They are propagandists, spewing the talking points of the enemy."

Beginning his program Thursday, Levin took the Supreme Court to task for this ruling, as well as the predictable standing ovation from the media, crescendoing to the following conclusion that should be required reading for all Americans interested in the truth concerning this matter (ten minute audio available here, picture courtesy Radcity):

Denying foreign enemy combatants access to U.S. courts is an incident of war. Ladies and gentlemen, every single president of the United States has taken that position. Every single one. Every single president of the United States. Up until this Supreme Court, the Supreme Court understood that war was not their province, and that enemy combatants held overseas was not their business. And now we have, thanks to the Marxist left of the professoried in our law schools, the activist judges that have been breeded, placed on our courts, a totally different mentality. Treating people who would slaughter us, who would blow up our citizens, who would decapitate children if they had a shot at it, as people who are abused by us at Guantanamo Bay.

We have lost the propaganda war, and we have to make sure we don’t lose the war. But I am telling you, these five rogue justices, who lie about the law, who lie about precedent, and who lie about what they’re up to, expose our armed forces on the battlefield to extraordinary danger. And they expose you and me to extraordinary danger. Because let us remember the reason why Guantanamo is where it is is so that when we capture these terrorists on the battlefield, we can interrogate them, and find out what they know, about their hierarchy, about their strategies, about the potential next attack, and we’ve gotten extremely useful information in many cases. And we keep them there to keep them off the battlefield.

This is not part of the criminal justice system. We’re not interested in prosecuting them under our criminal laws. We’re interested in survival, and protecting the American soldier and the American people at a time of war. Every president has done this. Every single one. And when the reporters write “It’s a blow against George Bush or the Bush administration,” they are lying through their teeth. They are propagandists, spewing the talking points of the enemy. And when Supreme Court justices, who are extremely intelligent people, know better, and sit down with pen in hand, and rewrite the law, and pretend the precedent doesn’t say what it says, because they want to advance the cause of the ACLU, and the Marxist lawyers who represent these terrorists, shame on them.

Bravo, Mark. Bravo.

Do yourself a favor...listen to the whole thing.

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