Bush’s Poll Numbers Are Down Again…Did You Hear The Cheering?

The results of the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll were released last night, and pressrooms around the nation appeared to be pleased. “NBC Nightly News” reported it this way (video link to follow):

Tim Russert: Brian, not good news for George W. Bush's second term thus far. Only 39% of Americans approve his job. 54% disapproval. That 39% approval is the lowest in the five years of his presidency. And Brian, listen to this: Only 2%, 2% of African Americans in the United States approve of George Bush's handling of the presidency. The lowest we've ever seen in that particular measurement.

The New York Times reported: “Suddenly, Democrats see a possibility in 2006 they have long dreamed of: a sweeping midterm election framed around what they describe as the simple choice of change with the Democrats or more of an unpopular status quo with the Republican majority.”

Editor and Publisher reported: “In addition, a sizable plurality prefers a Democratic-controlled Congress, and just 29% think Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is qualified to serve on that court, although nearly half say they don't know enough about her to judge.”

Curiously, none of the reports focused much attention on how this poll was done over the long Columbus Day weekend. Historically, weekend polling will result in more Democratic responses.

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