Media Equate GOP Praising Trump to Touting ‘Dear Leader,’ But Flashback to Obama



Obama Treats the Media Like How They Think They Should Be

On January 17, 2009, Newsweek's Howard Fineman appeared on MSNBC and glowed about how intimate and personal Obama was when he traveled on a train with the press to Washington, DC.

As the MRC's VP of Research and Publications Brent Baker wrote at the time:

Catching up with something from Saturday I just came across, Newsweek's Howard Fineman pointed out on MSNBC just before 6 PM EST, as the Obama-Biden train arrived at Washington, DC's Union Station, that he was reading “the pool reports that have been filed by reporters on the train and they refer to Barack Obama as PEBO, which is short for 'President-elect Barack Obama.'” Fineman felt that illustrated how “there's an intimacy and a familiarity on that train,” presumably between the journalists and Obama, one shared by Fineman who hailed Obama's “many gifts” and saw “a down-home folksiness that belies the tremendous hopes that not only the country, but the whole world, have for him.”

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