Media Equate GOP Praising Trump to Touting ‘Dear Leader,’ But Flashback to Obama



The 'Magical' New School for Obama's Kids

On January 5, 2009, CNN Correspondent Joe Johns and The Washington Post's Sally Quinn were elated over Obama sending his daughters to the upscale Sidwell Friends School.

As then-NewsBusters Analyst Matthew Balan wrote:

CNN correspondent Joe Johns’ report on Monday’s American Morning heaped praise upon Sidwell Friends School, the new school for the Obama daughters. Johns read from one of the school’s own mission statements about its “Quaker values” and later described how President-Elect Obama apparently “often seems in tune with Quaker principles -- seeking consensus with others; talking rather than fighting with opponents; and, at least in the case of Iraq, if not Afghanistan, opposing war even when the majority supports it.” The correspondent also featured three clips from The Washington Post’s Sally Quinn, who gushed over school: “Sidwell is a happy can be a really magical place.”

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