MRC's Bozell Addresses Harry Smith's Swipe at Tea Party 'Anger' on October 15 'Fox & Friends'

When mainstream media folks like Harry Smith dismiss the Tea Party movement as merely voters venting their anger, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell is reminded of the dismissive reaction of journalists back when Republicans won control of Congress 16 years ago.

Here's what he told viewers of the October 15 "Fox & Friends":

It's 1994 all over again. Don't you remember the late Peter Jennings talking about on Election Day about how America threw a temper tantrum and the country can't be governed by an angry 2-year-old? It was all about anger, it was all about hate. That's what happens when conservatives win. When liberals win, it's hope and change, it's kumbaya, it's coming together. It's so transparent what they're doing.

You can find the full segment's video embedded below the fold or can  download it in WMV format here. For an MP3 audio download, click here.

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