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On Sunday's AM Joy, during a discussion of what presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should offer to black voters in exchange for their support, race-obsessed MSNBC host Joy Reid twice claimed that President Donald Trump promised white Americans that he would take actions against "brown immigrants." She also suggested that Italy has done a better job of handling the coronavirus epidemic than President Trump even though the per capita death rate there is substantially higher than in the U.S.

One favorite pastime of the national media is mocking President Trump's tweets as gauche and inappropriate. The people who make the Politico Playbook newsletter played this game on Memorial Day with the president, suggesting all of his tweets should have been respectful tributes to our war dead. Politico contrasted Trump tweeting about Obamagate and "Make America Great Again" with our apparently patriotic national newspapers. Let's call this bias by headline selection.

New on May 25: On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace and guest panelist Jonah Goldberg, of The Dispatch, denounced White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for scolding reporters for not pursuing the Michael Flynn scandal and how it showed the unraveling of the Russia collusion narrative. Goldberg asserted that McEnany’s behavior was “indefensible and grotesque.”

On her show Monday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and her Democrat panel used the Memorial Day holiday to attack President Trump “endangering troops” by not wearing a mask, while simultaneously fawning over Joe Biden and daydreaming that he was president instead.

It doesn’t seem that the media has learned anything after they completely mangled their predictions that red states like Florida and Georgia would see catastrophic consequences for opening up early. On MSNBC this afternoon, “conservative” analyst Rick Tyler was ready to make more hyperbolic predictions about red states getting “hit hard” by the coronavirus in coming months. Tyler even used the Memorial Day holiday to trash President Trump as a “debased” traitor to this country because he apparently hasn’t done anything to combat the coronavirus.

As Fox News noted on Friday, it took CNN 12 hours to cover Biden’s latest gaffe: asserting on a radio show Friday morning that if you aren’t a Biden supporter, “You ain’t black.” That disinterest continued into the weeked; after spending average of less than four minutes per day on the controversy, CNN stopped covering it entirely as of noon EST on Monday, May 25.

This Memorial Day weekend, the MRC’s FLASHBACK series has already reminded you of MSNBC's Chris Hayes admitting he was “uncomfortable” referring to fallen military members as heroes. But there are other examples of the media using this holiday for their own purposes. On the 2019 Memorial Day edition of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski tried (and failed) to get guests to use the day to trash Donald Trump.

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter said something fascinating on his show Sunday. He complained to New York Times media columnist Ben Smith that "I don't know how to show folk that journalists are mostly acting in good faith. Here's how a show allegedly focused on journalism fails to show good faith. Stelter had on a writer from The Atlantic to discuss the coronavirus and never whispered a word about The Atlantic projecting that Gov. Brian Kemp's reopening of Georgia would be an "experiment in human sacrifice." That looks like Stelter wants to avoid any attempt at holding media outlets accountable. 

A president can be an ardent defender of religious freedom without being overtly devout himself. But that didn't stop CNN from branding President Trump a hypocrite for having not attended church this weekend while having recently promoted the re-opening of houses of worship.

Like Hatfields and McCoys, the feud between New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades, Jr., and hedge fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod is the never ending battle fueling the drama on Showtime’s Billions.

Both are corrupt, ruthless and willing to fight dirty. This week it was the AG's turn to roll around in the mud. Rhoades tried and failed to enlist rival billionaire Mike Prince in his effort to defeat Axe, in this week’s episode: Opportunity Zone.

The May 25 episode of Vida titled “Episode 21” drives home the point of how cavalier and apathetic some pro-abortion women can be when it comes to terminating their unborn children. This episode on Starz even shows the two leading characters, sisters, bonding over the pills used to perform the abortion.

At 4:34 PM ET on Thursday, CNN's Chris Cillizza had his vice presidential rankings published. It is something Cillizza has done for the past few weeks in which the women that apparent Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden might pick are ranked as to their order of probability of being chosen. For the past few weeks, Senator Amy Klobuchar has settled in at second spot right behind Senator Kamala Harris in first place. However, Cillizza also added a bit of hype for Klobuchar about her husband recovering from coronavirus that he might want to reconsider in light of a video that was posted on YouTube almost exactly an hour earlier at 3:35 PM ET that same day.

It should surprise no one that TNT’s post-apocalyptic series Snowpiercer is about as subtle as the 1001-car train the show follows. A class warfare story surrounding the survivors of climate change is about as blunt as one can get. Apparently, however, it can get worse. Now we’ve come to the “eat the rich” portion of our propaganda.

Professors are often the first to try and deny the problem of media bias. Take the website The Conversation, with its motto "Academic rigor, journalistic flair." This recent article is lacking both of those: "Claims of ideological bias among the media may be overblown."  Here's the problem with bias-denying Experts: they don't actually read or watch the content. 

On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, the show ran a report which surprisingly gave an upbeat assessment of the results Georgia has gotten in the four seeks since it reopened in spite of all the naysayers who warned of disaster. But, in spite of the criticism that Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp, received a month ago that was mostly from the left, only a soundbite of President Donald Trump was shown to document the apparently misplaced hesitance by some to reopen.