Liberal Media Sites Coo Over Obama-With-Baby Selfie at Airport: 'Now We Miss Him Even More'

The media fawning over Barack Obama never ends, despite his having left office six months ago. Lefty news sites such as CNN, Bustle, Refinery 29 and The Huffington Post continued that fawning with a simple selfie photo of Obama with a cute baby at the Anchorage International Airport.

In an Associated Press article less-than-objectively titled, “Oh My God, it is Obama’: Alaska mom, baby meet ex-president,” the mother of the cute baby, Jolene Jackinsky describes her experience, telling them while waiting in the airport she spotted a man who looked like Obama. She walked toward this man, who happened to be standing in a waiting area for private planes (but of course!), where she soon realized, it was indeed the former president. Obama saw the baby and they took a selfie with the mother and the cute baby.

The Huffington Post’s Doha Madani called Obama a “baby whisperer.” Actually, she said he will “always” be a baby whisperer. Something to note, Madani’s article, "A Mom Spotted Barack Obama In An Airport And Her Baby Was Too Excited,” was actually listed under the “Politics” section of the leftwing online news organization. Not only is it amazing that a president taking a selfie with a baby makes the news, but to actually classify it as political news is even a bigger stretch.

CNN followed suit with another article on the Obama baby encounter. Alexandra King’s article, “Obama charms seemingly stoked Alaskan baby,” is also listed under the “Politics” section of the website. Oh, she also touted his “baby-whispering skills.” King gushed:

“Barack Obama may not be president anymore, but his legendary baby-whispering skills are apparently still going strong, after photos of his encounter with a baby at an Alaska airport were circulated widely on social media…”

Then there’s the Bustle article written by Bronwyn Isaac, “These Photos Of Obama Holding A Stranger's Baby At An Airport Are Peak Dad Behavior,” whatever that means. She writes that if you are “needing a pick-me-up in the current news cycle, you'll be happy to know that former president Barack Obama is still as good with kids as ever…” and wrote that “the world was blessed with this ideal photo op” of the Obama baby selfie, calling it “baby magic.”

But it was probably Caitlin Flynn’s article at Refinery 29 that takes the cake of being most gag-worthy in this Obama baby selfie story. Seriously. Her article was titled, “Obama Took A Selfie With A Baby & Now We Miss Him Even More.” The gushiest of stories I’ve seen in a long time, Flynn starts off her article saying that ever since Obama left office, “we’ve been experiencing some serious separation anxiety…If we listed all the things we miss about Obama, we'd be here all day…” (that depends on who you ask.) She then ends her piece, with a “sob”:

“Obama may no longer occupy the Oval Office (*sob*), but it looks like we'll at least get to see more photos of him with kids.”

Obviously, the brush with a famous person can be thrilling, but Obama is always uniquely thrilling to these people. How many stories were there of former President George W. Bush holding babies? We know there are tons out there of him holding babies on the campaign trail. Same thing with President Donald Trump. Trump is always a baby magnet and has a penchant for wanting to hold them. Where are those stories? Nowhere, that's where they are, because it really isn’t a story, so why is Obama’s baby selfie photo? It's just another way the media continues to fawn over their precious prince. Barack Obama
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