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"Entertainer" George Carlin was a panelist on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher this past Friday September 9, 2005.

The panel was discussing the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Carlin said this (audiotape on file) (emphasis mine):

CARLIN: "It shouldn't be a surprise that rich white men don't care about poor black people. Period."

Gee. The last time I checked, Carlin had sold several successful comedy albums, toured the country many times, and had appeared in scores of television and movie projects. And he's white. Wouldn't that qualify him as a "rich ... white ... man"??

So, George, would your own remark apply also to yourself?

On to promote her book Talking Back, NBC's Andrea Mitchell offered a mea culpa on pre-war reporting and asked to recall her favorite interviews called Fidel Castro, "engaging" and Bill Clinton, "fun."

At 8:44 am Katie Couric began the interview asking Mitchell about her start in the business and how it has changed.

Couric: "Well you know obviously a lot has changed in the business since you started and you've been at NBC since 1978, right? Andrea how has, how has newsgathering changed? I guess the technology..."

Yesterday marked the complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces from the Gaza Strip, which has been returned to full Palestinian control in the hopes of moving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process along. As part of the handover of control, Israeli soldiers shuttered or destroyed the empty buildings once occupied by Jewish settlers. Among these, the synagogues were left standing, emptied of all their sacred artifacts and Torahs and the like, but tagged as holy places which should not be desecrated.

Coming out of the John Roberts opening statement at 3:30 on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams asked Tim Russert that Roberts is "not a perjurer or a lawbreaker that we know of," but how can one greet his claim that he has no agenda? That's quite a dramatic way of suggesting Roberts may not be trustworthy.

PostWatch spotted an exchange during today's online session with Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz. Each week Kurtz answers questions emailed to him by readers.

Reports PostWatch:

Recap: Weak defense of selective victim photography....

Stephen Spruiell at NRO reports that among the new features on CBS's Public Eye blog are a defense of "Sunday Morning" commentator Nancy Giles.

Jim Hughes of the Denver Post covers the local activists on both sides of the Robert nomination this morning. Sort of.

Of 18 paragraphs, three discuss the pro-Roberts Judicial Confirmation Network, four equate the two sides, and seven discuss NARAL and other left-wing opponents of a sane judiciary. (Four paragraphs are neutral, not mentioning the activists directly.)

While the Post is silent on the conservatives' desiderata, the coverage of the lefties includes the following:

The Boston Globe claims some readers "get confused about the relationship between the editorial page and the rest of the newspaper, especially since the term 'editorial' is often used to describe everything in the Globe that is not advertising."

After seeing that it had no presence in the blog world, CBS News has finally launched its own blog.

They claim that the fundamental mission of "Public Eye" is "to bring transparency to the editorial operations of CBS News." This is commendable, but it is likely the blog will devolve into a way for CBS to finally respond to charges made against it in the blogosphere.

From the about page:

Just a quick note to prepare you for the fair and balanced coverage of the John Roberts confirmation hearings you’ll surely be reading in the coming days.

Today's pushing of Bush's low poll numbers continued at 7:14 am when Katie Couric opened the political analysis segment with Tim Russert: "And now to the President's trip, back to the hurricane zone amid approval ratings that have sunk to an all-time low. Tim Russert is NBC's Washington bureau chief and moderator of Meet the Press. Tim, good morning."

The Kellino Zone notes:
After 9-11, the media self-imposed a restriction preventing the display of dead bodies, because it might be too offensive and disturbing.

4 years later, CNN wants dead bodies from Katrina on TV so badly that they were willing to sue the federal government in order to do so.

I wonder why the sudden interest in dead bodies...

The New York Times’ Elisabeth Bumiller has an article today that continues to dwell on the supposed impact that racism had on the immediacy of hurricane recovery efforts, and how this is hurting the president as well as Republicans:

“The storm also appears to have damaged the carefully laid plans of Karl Rove, President Bush's political adviser, to make inroads among black voters and expand the reach of the Republican Party for decades to come.

“Many African-Americans across the country said they seethed as they watched the television pictures of the largely poor and black victims of Hurricane Katrina dying for food and water in the New Orleans Superdome and the convention center.”

Ms. Bumiller felt it was necessary to quote a rapper in her political analysis:

“The anger has invigorated the president's critics. Kanye West, the rap star, raged off-script at a televised benefit for storm victims that ‘George Bush doesn't care about black people.’"

This morning Today show viewers woke up to the following from Katie Couric: "Good morning. Up close and personal. With his approval ratings at an all-time low President Bush gets set to take his first ground tour of New Orleans." Co-host David Gregory, subbing for Matt Lauer then piped in: Katie the President is making his third trip this morning to the hurricane zone but it's really it's first detailed look at New Orleans. He, of course, has taken a major political hit through all of this."

Ten times? A dozen? Maybe more? Eventually I lost count of the number of times that this morning's Today show trumpeted President Bush's low poll ratings. This was liberal schadenfreude on steroids.

In the very first words out of her mouth opening the show, Katie Couric spoke of W's ratings being at an "all-time low," while archly noting that W's visit today was his first "ground tour" of New Orleans.