Piers Morgan Lambastes ‘Gutless’ Senate ‘Cowards’ for Not Passing Gun Control

After the Toomey-Manchin gun bill failed in the Senate on Wednesday, CNN's Piers Morgan let loose on Twitter at President Obama and "cowards" in the Senate who didn't "give a stuff" about the Newtown families.

"How many schoolchildren have to be murdered next time for Washington to do anything? 50, 100, 1000? Name the number, you cowards. @NRA" he ranted. Morgan didn't take it easy on the President, either: "President Obama strong on guns rhetoric again now - but truth is, he's failed the Newtown families too. Got nothing done re gun control #CNN".

Of course, Morgan has reason to be upset given that he's been CNN's resident gun control activist for four months. Since the Newtown shooting, he's incessantly called for gun control while belittling and shaming gun rights advocates and the NRA.

Here are some more of his tweets from Wednesday afternoon:

"20 poor little children blown to pieces at school - and America's politicians do NOTHING. Absolutely shameful. #NewtownBetrayed"

"Sandy Hook father talking now on CNN. My heart aches for him, my rage festers. These Senators have disgraced democracy. #NewtownBetrayed"

"Imagine those Newtown family members at the Senate today - suddenly realising their lawmakers don't give a stuff about their dead children."

"The U.S. senate just voted against expanding background checks for gun sales. What a pathetic, gutless bunch of cowards. #NewtownBetrayed"


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