Scarborough: I've Been Pro-Israel Since 'Morons' Attacking Me Had Behinds Wiped By Mom

Isaiah 1:18: "Come now, and let us reason together." Joe Scarborough: My critics are "morons, and I can call them that."  The notoriously thin-skinned Morning Joe host is at it again.  Scarborough typically dings those who dare differ with him as Cheetos-chompers living in their mothers' basement. But Scarborough escalated the hostilities this morning, declaring that those who criticize his stance on Israel are "morons," and that he has been pro-Israel since the days that his critics were having their behinds wiped by mom.

Scarborough had caused a firestorm last week when, as NewsBuster Connor Williams reported, he accused Israel of "indiscriminate" attacks on Gaza.  Scarborough again made the "indiscriminate" accusation this morning, and no doubt anticipating additional criticism, launched his pre-emptive strike.  View the video after the jump.

Interesting that in both his standard living-in-their-mothers'-basement line and now today, Scarborough tends to taunt his critics with references to their mothers.  Guess junior high habits die hard.  


JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, Bobby [Ghosh], the thing that I have seen as the greatest tragedy over the past several weeks and had some morons attacking me—and I can call them that—morons attacking me online saying I'm not pro Israeli. I've been pro-Israeli since a lot of these bloggers were getting their you-know-whats wiped by their mothers in diapers.

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