Scarborough: Obama's Ohio Lead A 'Mountain'—But Todd Says Dems Admit Race 'A Lot Tighter'

Q. When is the Obama lead in Ohio a "mountain not a molehill" for Romney to overcome, and when is the race actually much tighter?  A. When you first ask Joe Scarborough and then Chuck Todd.

On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough, focusing on a Time poll showing Obama with a five-percentage point lead in the Buckeye State, saw an electoral Everest for Romney to climb.  Appearing later, NBC political director Todd reported that the Democrats themselves have acknowledged to him that the race has gotten "a lot tighter" in the last week.  View the video after the jump.

Todd also noted that whereas the Romney campaign is not claiming Ohio to be in their bag, it also apparently sees the margin as being within a couple points.  I'll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime watch two different takes, one based on public polls, the other on inside dope.