Solyndra Defense Reveals Obama's Socialist Mindset: If Government Doesn't Do Something, It Won't Happen

Barely a week ago, we noted that the Morning Joe crew was blowing off the Solyndra scandal.  "There's no there, there," they sniffed.  But facts are pesky things.  A devastating email, which Mika Brzezinski read on the air today, has turned up, indicating that top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was warned about Solyndra's possibly impending bankruptcy before PBO made his photo-op visit to the company.  That compelled Joe Scarborough & Co. to acknowledge that the Solyndra story has legs.

Perhaps even more significant was a clip Morning Joe played of President Obama defending his administration's decision to fund the soon-to-go-belly-up solar panel maker.  In stating his case, Obama revealed his fundamentally socialist mind-set.  According to the prez, unless the government funds something, it's not going to happen.  Video after the jump.

Watch Obama makes his socialist pitch:

BARACK OBAMA: If we don't get behind clean energy, if we don't get behind advanced battery manufacturing, if we're not the ones creating the cars of the future, then we're not going to be able to make stuff here in the United States of America.

Note: Willie Geist deftly demolished the president's excuse about hindsight being 20/20, pointing out that the warning to the Obama admin came prior to the Solyndra visit. That constituted not hindsight, but foresight.  Ooops.


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