FT's Freeland 'Comforted' Military's Devotion To 'Diversity' Endures Despite Hasan Case

Of all the things that might give you comfort in the wake of Nidal Malik Hasan's murderous rampage, where would you rate the news that the military's commitment to "diversity" endures?  Down there, dare I guess?  Ah, but you're probably not part of the MSM elite.

Chrystia Freeland is. And on today's Morning Joe, the Financial Times editor did indeed announce that she was "comforted" by that very fact of the military's unflagging devotion to diversity.

Joe Scarborough countered Chrystia with a tough question.  And--sacré bleu!--Mike Barnicle, not normally an NB fave, made some very blunt and on-target observations . . .

CHRYSTIA FREELAND:  I mean, the one thing that I've been really comforted by is the statements that we've had from so many senior people in the military saying that they don't want this incident to be a cause to end diversity in the military.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Right. I wonder, Mike Barnicle, whether that may have been, that concern, that fear that we need to be politically correct here, we certainly don't want to target Muslim-Americans who are in the military, because that's good for America to have Muslims fighting in our wars. But could it be that maybe the feds were too sensitive and that's why  13 people are dead today?

MIKE BARNICLE: Two things: I think he escaped, Hasan escaped through a loophole of political correctness.  He should have been cashiered out of the Army, clearly, many months ago.

The second thing is, there is an obscenity of silence that's been going on now for more than eight years with regard to the upper structure of Islam, I'm talking about the religious heads of Islam. They don't speak out and condemn these types of actions after they happen.  No matter what happens, there's silence at the top of Islam.

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