0–8: Buchanan Smacks Shrum Over Losing Streak

May he live to be 120, but when Bob Shrum eventually goes to his reward, his epitaph could read "Here lies Shrum. He thought he was great.  But his presidential record . . . was 0-8."

After Shrum taunted Pat Buchanan on today's Morning Joe as "living on Mars" for supposedly overestimating the power of affirmative action as an issue, Pat fired back, reminding Shrum of his dubious lifetime achievement of having consulted on eight losing Dem presidential campaigns with nary a win.

View video here [NB: low audio level].

PAT BUCHANAN: [McCain] finally came out against affirmative action.  Now, that may not be a big issue with Bob Shrum, but it has never lost in an election statewide, in Michigan, California, Washington.  It's on the ballot in Arizona. There are a lot of these referenda issues that are cutting issues, if you can get Obama on one side, McCain on the other, I think you can move Obama back out to the left, and he has not closed the sale.

. . .

BOB SHRUM: If Pat thinks that affirmative action is the answer [to McCain's problems], then he's living on Mars.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Pat, are you living on Mars?

BUCHANAN: Well look, I didn't, I haven't lost eight straight, I haven't lost eight straight presidential campaigns [inaudible].

Shrum feigned a smile and tried to laugh it off.

SHRUM: Let's have a real discussion.  Pat, you've run out of arguments this morning, haven't you?

So . . . low blow by Buchanan, or does Bob's Guinness-book worthy losing streak reflect on his acumen?

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