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The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot set an ugly pop culture template. Suddenly, to merely dislike a female-centric film made one a sexist if not an outright bully. That media narrative took hold during the rollout for the anticipated film, the biggest gender swap project to date. Since then, similar themes have greeted the release of Birds of Prey, Charlie’s Angels and Captain Marvel.

The liberal media certainly has a convenient memory.Recently, as noted here by NewsBusters own Tim Graham, much was being made that 100,000 Americans had died of the virus. The New York Times devoted its entire front page to listing the dead. Let’s be plain: 100,000 dead Americans from the virus is horrific. Every human life is important.

Covering the news in the Middle East can be a very dangerous job, especially when opposing forces become intensified during clashes between warring factions. That was the situation this week, when Eyad Hamad, a veteran cameraman for the Associated Press, stated that he was fired after the Palestinian Authority filed a complaint against him for criticizing security forces who had arrested and beaten a local journalist.

Amid the sports media reports on LeBron James and other athletes expressing outrage over the killing of George Floyd, the New York Daily News, Deadspin and the New Jersey Advocate featured excuses for the violent rioting. Sarah Valenzuela's story in the New York Daily News focused on former NFL player Colin Kaepernick (at right in photo) blatantly defending the riots and the arson:

The Washington Post has a new fact checking book out and they want you to know it’s SERIOUS. The advertisement in the May 22 edition of the paper screamed, “The essential, authoritative record of Trump’s shocking disregard for facts.” In case that was too subtle, is entitled, “Donald Trump and His Assault on TRUTH.”

The New York Times lead National “news” story on Friday was a full-page opinionated attack on conservatives by NewsBusters regular Jeremy Peters, who once again used the coronavirus pandemic as a cudgel: “‘The Crisis of 2020,’ Predicted in 1991: What’s Next?” Peters first marveled at how the 1991 book “Generations” by William Strauss and Neil Howe, “which introduced a provocative theory that American history unfolds in boom-to-bust cycles of roughly 80 years,” predicted an “unspecified calamity” in 2020

As he reported from an out-of-control protest in Minneapolis that had morphed into a full-blown riot Thursday night, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi stood in front of a burning building. In spite of the dramatic scene unfolding behind him, Velshi comically rejected the description of the riot as “unruly.”

For days now, the liberal media has been anticipating the approaching 100,000 figure in US coronavirus deaths. In Thursday's opening segment, once the official number line had been crossed, Morning Joe ghoulishly repeated the 100,000 number no less than 12 times. They didn't discuss any encouraging statistics about a decline in deaths.

Don’t let any national journalist tell you that they don’t want to be a part of the story. On Friday night into early Saturday morning, CNN eagerly turned around not one but two promos touting their coverage of the Minneapolis riots, including the disturbing and despicable arrest of correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew hours earlier on New Day. So, our New York and Washington-based journalists want to claim that they’re uncomfortable with the spotlight? Either that’s a total lie or they should have a word with their bosses about whether their dangerous work should translate into cheap promos.

Just before 1:00 a.m. Eastern Saturday, Fox News Channel’s America’s News HQ co-host Leland Vittert was chased, harassed, and heckled by violent, far-left rioters outside the White House and was forced to abandon the scene, having to toss back to Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream. Supposedly, the rioters were peacefully protesting Monday’s horrid murder of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American in Minneapolis.

On the same day that CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez’s live arrest on New Day became a leading headline, The Washington Post compared Jimenez’s arrest to George Floyd’s murder, and an entrance to Atlanta’s CNN Center was attacked, Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and CNN Tonight host Don Lemon wanted viewers to know that, apparently, “CNN is not being victimized” and “not the news” at all.

Harvard went looking for a liberal corporate Bigfoot to give their 2020 virtual commencement address, and they landed Marty Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post. The man whose paper oozes arrogance at the top of every newspaper with the motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” Baron came to amend the slogan. Now, in the age of coronavirus, people die in darkness, not just their political system.

As the official coronavirus death toll reached 100,000 on Wednesday, CNN hosts Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon both cherry-picked data to misleadingly suggest that the pandemic has hit the United States harder than any other country as the two used charts contrasting the U.S. only to countries that have had death rates on the low side.

Along with stoking racial tensions and egging on Americans to distrust and/or hate one another, some corners of the liberal media decided Friday afternoon to remind us of their affinity for the communist regime in China due to their hatred for President Trump. During two special reports, ABC and NBC collectively decried the Trump administration’s actions on China pertaining to the Wuhan coronavirus as “distracting” from his response to the pandemic and a way of “playing politics.”

This afternoon on CNN Newsroom, sports journalist LZ Granderson seemed to justify the rioting, looting, and arsons happening in Minneapolis and all over the country Friday as patriotic. Speaking to host Brooke Baldwin, Granderson compared the violence to the Boston Tea Party and claimed that was a “riot” as well.