NB's Bozell: Maybe Media Should Pretend Obama's a Republican, Then They'll Care to Cover Benghazi

The revelations made during the May 8 Benghazi hearings "open up a new can of worms with even more serious questions," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell argued today.

"Five major bombshell revelations emerged that have, so far, only been given lip service by the three broadcast networks," the Media Research Center (MRC) founder noted. They are:

1.       According to the deputy chief of mission in Libya, a four-man commando team in Tripoli was denied permission to go to Benghazi and help those under siege. The administration’s response that there wasn’t enough time is ludicrous given no one knew how long the attacks would last.

2.       Mark Thompson testified that the FEST anti-terrorist team wasn’t sent in because conditions on the ground were too dangerous. Yet this is exactly what FEST is designed for, and the FEST team wanted to go in.

3.       It is now established beyond any doubt that instantly the State Department knew this was a terrorist attack. Why did the administration lie, calling this a video issue, and who gave that order?

4.       Gregory Hicks, the number two diplomat in Libya, says he was demoted after complaining about the false story being put out by Washington. This is denied by the State Department, which says no one was punished.

5.       Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated months ago that she was taking full responsibility. She announced an Accountability Review Board (ARB) to investigate this. We now know she was never interviewed. Why?

Our analysts have found that while ABC, CBS, and NBC each reported on the Benghazi hearings during their evening and morning programs last night and this morning, they have not delivered complete, in-depth coverage of these bombshells.

“If ABC, CBS, and NBC don’t thoroughly investigate and report on each and every one of these bombshell developments, and provide the American public with a true and honest account of the administration’s deadly mistakes and outright lies, they will also be guilty of deliberately censoring the news," Bozell charged.

"If the media are having trouble finding the motivation to do their jobs, they should pretend Obama is a Republican," the veteran media watcher quipped.

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