'Funny or Die' Urges Viewers to Vote: 'Do You Realize How Motivated Stupid People Are?!'

Actor and former Obama White House staffer Kal Penn joined Alyssa Milano and a handful of other actors in a short video urging "Funny or Die" website visitors to take time to vote next Tuesday, comparing the time it would take to do so with "much worse ways to spend 10 minutes," like "talk[ing] to your parents about the first time they had sex." [h/t blogger Robert Stacy McCain]

"That is a long ten minutes," Eric McCormack deadpanned in response.

But far from being a simple "do your civic duty and vote" PSA, the video skews leftward, taking thinly-veiled swipes at social conservatives and Tea Party voters.

It takes about ten minuts to "listen to your stupid uncle talk about the dangers of gay marriage," actor Eriq LaSalle noted.

"It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," reality show star Brad Goreski mockingly intoned, then in a close-up shot  proudly declared, "In my house, it's Adam and Steve."

"Getting pulled over for looking 'illegal,' that's why I'm always late," griped Michael Pena.

Closing out the pitch, the Funny or Die cast turned serious, with one actor even lamenting that it's "stupid voters" who are heading into the polls with the most energy on Tuesday:

ERIC McCORMACK: This Tuesday, November 2. It only take 10 minutes!

AZIZ ANSARI: Ten minutes that helps elect representatives that move the country forward, not backward.

ERIQ LaSALLE: Foward on civil rights.

ALYSSA MILANO: Health care.


LAKE BELL: Getting the economy back on track.

DONALD GLOVER: Or you can watch this video again like three times, and as much as I'd probably like that, I'd rather you vote.

ANSARI: Do you realize how motivated stupid people are?! Work up a little bit of energy. Go out for ten minutes. You've gotta vote.


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