UVa. Paper Front-paged Perriello Gas Line Incident, Ignored Local GOP Windows Shattered by Bricks

The student newspaper of Katie Couric's alma mater was silent today about an incident of vandalism Thursday night or early Friday morning against a local Republican Party office, even though the same paper devoted a front-page story on Friday to a severed propane line believed to have been an act of vandalism targeting the Democratic congressman who represents Charlottesville, Va.

The March 26 edition of the University of Virginia's Cavalier Daily carried a 10-paragraph story by staff writer Krista Pedersen noting how a "Severed gas line threatens Congressman's family."

"Local Tea Party member, Nigel Coleman, lists address of Perriello's brother on Facebook," the subheader noted.

Later that day, local news outlets reported how the Albemarle County GOP office was vandalized overnight with three windows busted open with bricks. Yet when the Cavalier Daily resumed publication with its Monday edition, not even a short item was published to note the incident.

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