Name That Party: Baltimore Mayor Accused of Using Gift Cards Designated for Poor for Herself

It's time once again for our favorite media parlor game, "Name That Party!"

The theft trial of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) began yesterday, but in covering the story, the Baltimore Sun failed to note Dixon's Democratic party affiliation.

The Washington Post, syndicating the story, also failed to note Dixon's affiliation in their caption to an Associated Press photo of the mayor which reads, "Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is accused of buying personal items using gift cards donated to her office."

The unsigned story by the Sun notes that Dixon is alleged to have practically stolen from her city's poorest residents for her own personal gain:

The mayor is accused of buying personal items with at least $1,500 in retail gift cards donated to her office for use by needy families. 

It's bad enough to be charged with theft, but theft that afflicts the poor and disadvantaged is even worse, particularly for a member of a political party that prides itself as the champion of the working poor. Fortunately for Dixon, the Baltimore Sun -- whose motto is "Light for All" -- is perfectly fine with keeping readers unaware of her political affiliation in the dark.

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